Founded in 2012, Gentlemen of Distinguish Nature Entertainment, also known as G.O.D.N. Ent., has quickly proven to be a strong force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. With an edgy urban sound and a strong executive team, G.O.D.N. Ent. has been able to establish solid relationships with some of the music industry's most recognized heavyweights. 





G.O.D.N. Films ventures to carry on the legacy of the company displaying a strong connection to plight of urban communities while still providing a diverse portfolio in film content. From presenting a unique perspective on reality TV to tackling controversial and heart wrenching subjects within the story lines, the company seeks to deliver a fresh and invigorating take on life as audiences 

yoson tala

Yoson performs live at the "We Get Ya Heard" showcase & mixer event during SXSW 2017! Hosted by Chella H with sounds by some of the nation's hottest DJs, this will be one of the weekend's premier events! 

G.O.D.N. Apparel's uniquely sophisticated take on urban and pop cultures allow the company a huge advantage in delivering a fresh perspective on contemporary fashion! With a sister company for the ladies known as L.O.D.N. (Ladies of Distinguished Nature), the line boast of prestigious attire bearing the exclusive signage, which has become synonymous with today's street savvy fashion forward ladies and gents!

It's not just a brand, it's a lifestyle...






Gentlemen of Distinguished Nature

mansion day party

Dust off your bell bottoms, break out the wide lapels, and turn back the clock to the glory days of disco when it was all about your dance moves. 21 and older, only. No cover.